Introduction: Your Own Concrete Head Statue (using Paper Mold)

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This is a cheaper how to making own statue head. using tissue paper as mold a face and mixed cement for material of statue.

Step 1: Material

1.tissue paper

2.paper glue / non toxic

3.face lotion

4.mixed cement (cement, sand and water)

Step 2: Making a Paper Mold

first facial moisturize all over your face, and then rip-torn tissue paper into small parts, and then apply the glue paper and paste it one by one to the rest of your face to cover all the surface of the face and ears, except for the part of the eye and the nostril.

Repeat the steps above sempai several layers of paper, typically require 5-8 lyers to get a good paper thickness to the mold. wait until the glue completely dries, use a fan or a hairdryer to speed up the drying of paper.

After the paper dries, remove the mold who has become the mask of the your face. be careful when removing the do with slowly so that the printout was good, because we need the rear sections of the mask to be used as a mold.

After leaving aside and get the print mask, cover open parts of ppada mask, such as hollow eyes and nose. How to shut it down by holding it with the hand on the back of the molding and attach the paper that's been given a glue. and wait till it dries

now a your paper face mold is done, and the next stage of printing

Up date (additional notes) : for detail step, for maximal results you should also attach the paper cover your mouth, keep your mouth completely sealed so that no paper that goes into your mouth. same with just your nose everything should be covered except the right dilubang your nose give a little hole so that you can still breathe. and for the eyes, if I do it with a little bit of extreme cases. I immediately shut my eyes with a paper on the State of the eyes closed. but you could let part of the eye is still not closed the paper until the mold so, and you close it when finished prints made.

Step 3: Molding

put the paper into the mold box whose size fit with the mold and give chock on a free space in the box to hold the mold.

then pour the mixture of cement into mold paper need not be full, flatten cement all part mould made approximately 1 cm thick cement from the mold. and wait till it dries.

After the mixed cement is completely dries up, the mold pull out mold and remove the paper from the statue, let the mould is broken because it can only be used one time molding.

the statue you have complete, tidy up when a surface that does not fit the mold of the statue can be mashed using scratch paper.

for the last step, you can paint it gave him details, accesories or left natural it all depends of your creation.

thankyou ^,^ .... Happy creation

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