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Introduction: Connect Android Smartphone to USB Keyboard

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Step 1: What Is USB OTG on the Go?

USBcommunication is established between a host(PC for example) and a slave(USB Keyboard or Flash memory).

OTG is a technology that enables you to use USB devices without a PC as a host. That's because OTG devices can work both as a master or a slave USBdevice.

You can find this feature on devices like Smartphones, Cameras, etc.

Xiaomi 5a Smartphone supports OTG technology and hence can be used a slave USB deviceconnected to the PC. And it can also act a host when connected to otherUSB slave devices( USBFlashMemory, Cameras, Keyboard, Mouse)

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Step 2: Get the Material

Here is what I used

Xiaomi 5A Smartphonebangood , Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , eBay , souq

USB OTG (On The Go) Cable banggood , Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , eBay , souq

USB Keyboardbanggood , Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , eBay , souq

USB Flash Memory (Used independently as a side experiment) banggood , Amazon US , Amazon UK , Amazon CA , Amazon DE , Amazon FR , eBay , souq

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Step 3: Connect the USB Flash Memory and the USB Keyboard

Connect the USB OTG cable to the phone and then connect the USB Flash Memory.

You can see that The USB FlashMemory is powered from the phone.

Open the file explorer built-in application.

You can see the USB Tab on the application indicating the USBFlashmemory with its contents.

Then switch to another tab on the files explorer. Remove the USB FlashMemory.

Connect the USB Keyboard to theOTG Cable.

Note that popup indicating a physicalUSBkeyboard connected to the phone.

Open word editor. I used Microsoft Word installed on the phone.

Use the USBkeyboard to write on yourphone.

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    3 years ago

    1.Interesante, gracias por tomarte tu tiempo y explicarnos.


    Tip 3 years ago

    Dear, you can use a USB hub 1 to 4 port to use all in the same time also u can use one that have power in case you use a HD instead of flash drive