Connect Four Double Games

Introduction: Connect Four Double Games

Step 1: A Match-like Game Like Tetris


  • Arduino的萊昂納多
  • 等效8x8 Neopixel RGB LED
  • 麵包板
  • 3個按鈕開關
  • 跳線
  • 螺絲釘
  • 案例-踢腳線和紙板架

Step 2: First, Connect 3 Jumper Wires to Neopixel. I'm Using the Following Wiring Color Code:

White jumper wires with GND

Gray jumper wires with 5V

Purple jumper wires with Dout

Step 3: Prepare the Button Switch Unit

Place button switches on the breadboard and connect jumper wires using the following wiring color code:

Brown jumper wires with Left Button
Red jumper wires with Button

Orange jumper wires with Center Button

Yellow jumper wires with Center Button

Green jumper wires with Button Switch

Blue jumper wires with Button Switch

Step 4: Connect Jumper Wires to Arduino

Red -> 9

Yellow -> 10

Blue -> 11

Purple -> 8

Black -> GND

White -> GND

Gray -> 5V

Step 5: Upload Code & Play

Step 6:

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