Introduction: Food Gameboy

This is a game that has both rewards and punishments.

Step 1: Food Gameboy

Materials used:

Arduino Leonardo


Servo motor 2


Button 5

Resistor 10

Male-to-male Jumper Wires 15

Male-to-female Jumper Wires 10

Hot Glue Gun


Plastic sheets

Wrapping paper (for decoration)

Utility Knife


Tape (to temporarily secure the components)

Double sided tape


Step 2: Put Everything on the Board

White LED --D3

Red LED--D4

Blue LED--D5

Green LED--D6

Yellow LED--D7








Step 3: How to Build the Exterior

You need to have a cardboard and plastic board

Cut the cardboard according to these measurements:

Length 7.5 width 22 cm (x1)

Length10 width 22 cm (x1) (Remember to cut out holes for the buttons on this rectangle)

Length 5 width 22 cm (x1)

Length 5 width13.5 cm (x2)

Length 6 width 15.5 cm (x2)

Length 6 width 22 cm (x1)

Step 4: Body Shape

Put the rectangles together as shown in the picture. There are no rectangles behind. Every component is on the picture.

Use male-to-female jumper wires to connect the LED to the breadboard. Use hot glue gun to secure the wires to the LED.

Insert the buttons into the holes. If the holes are too big, use hot glue gun to secure the buttons.

Step 5: Making a Candy Place

Roll out 2 plastic cylinder with a diameter of 4 cm and a height of 25 cm

Cut out 4 trapezoid with an upper bottom of 3 cm, a lower bottom of 11 cm, and a hypotenuse 6.5 cm

Cut out these rectangles:

Length 4.5 width 10.5 cm (x4)

Length 10 width 11 cm (x4)

Length 5.5 width 6.5 cm (x4)

Step 6: Candy Place

Put together the components as shown in the picture.

Tape the motor on the side of the cylinder. You HAVE TO USE HOT GLUE GUN TO SECURE EVERYTHING. Tape a piece of plastic sheet on the motor to act as a gate and keep the cards on top. The largest rectangle is just to stabilize the structure, so you can make it whatever size you want.

Step 7: Arduino Code

Step 8: Cards

Write down the rewards and punishments on small pieces of cardboard. The size of the cards depends on the size of the hole which the cards would drop through.

Step 9: FINISH & How to Play

This has a password.

The password is 134, meaning you should press the first, the third, and fourth button from the right at the same time. When you enter the password, the right motor will rotate and the reward card will fall. You can then exchange the reward cards for actual rewards.

The punishment:

If you didn’t press the correct password, the left motor will rotate and the punishment card will fall. You must accept the punishment.

Be sure to press three buttons at the same time to start the motor.
It won't move with just one button!

There will be nine types of punishment.

You can use this to play password guessing games at parties or gatherings.

You can create your own clues for the password.