Introduction: Connect Your Electric Guitar to Your Computer Analog Style

The audio interface world is a wicked wicked place.  This instructable allows you to circumvent USB , firewire, or Thunderipple interfaces and use a less financially taxing method of virtually kicking jams out on your lonesome.  

But why on earth would you want to do that?  You may earnestly wonder.  Well, you know how it is, you wanna rock, but you don't want to set up some elaborate guitar to breakout box scenario, or you are not in a workstation environment and still have to kick out towards a jam.  

Why can't I just plug my guitar into the computer with a 3/4" male to 1/4" male cable?   Man, don't even try it!  It's a mono signal, try plugging it into the microphone port and you have to leave it half hanging out or in... i don't even know which way it is, but it is ugly, and it doesn't work, so stop asking me valid questions in my mind and lets get started.

you'll need:

1.   An electric guitar
2.   One Joyo mini amp
3.   One million "AAA" batteries or 4 rechargeable oneses.
4.   One 1/4" to 1/4" stereo plug like you can steal from your rental car.
5.   The will to rock.


Step 1: Shop Smart!

Woot, thar she blows!

Yeah, you can pay 13 bux and get it shipped to you from the USofA.

I prefer mine shipped from china and costing 6 dollars.  

So, uh... do whichever you please.  My choice is my own.

Step 2: Insert Batteries and Plug Stuff In.

take two fully charged triple "AAA" batteries (which should mean six A's but doesn't) and load into joyo device.  
Insert Joyo into your guitar 3/4 inch port.
Plug mini stereo cable into headphone port on Joyo.
Plug other side into microphone port.

Step 3: If You Have a Mac, Better Still, This Is What You Do in System Preferences.

here.  look at this picture.  Choose built-in input... sorry 4 blurriness.

Step 4: Turn Joyo Device On!

Go ahead!  The little light is what you need to look for.

Step 5: Rock

Here's a complicated open chord that will make your future children weep.

Step 6: Flaunt Your Mediocre Garageband Skills As Though You Are a Musical Genius.

what we've done here is to allow you to record using the computer's built in analog to digital card instead of relying on an outside source.

The joyo's headphone port allows for a stereo signal, which remains as such for plugging in to your computer.

It's a simple solution that merely took me lifetimes to achieve.  Use your breakout box and Logic Pro for the radio release of your own personal "Quarter Till Rock."  Adjust twiddly bits on Joyo as you see fit.

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