Introduction: Iroko Console Table

hi my name is Joe and this is my first instructable, this project was part of my school work. i really enjoyed making this because it involved working with both timber and metal.

Step 1: Make the Metal Frame

first thing to do is to source some 40mm square mild steel box section. (look at cad drawing above for measurements). once you have this grind back any covering (galv, paint or rust) it is very important the metal doesn't have and galv on it as this gives off dangerous gasses when welded . then you need to cut down the metal to the correct length and prepare to weld them

Step 2: Welding the Frame

start by setting out the ends of the metal frame, then weld these first. once both ends are welded together join them together with the long sections to complete the frame. you can use any welder you want but i suggest that you use a small mig welder

Step 3: Finishing the Frame

now you have successfully welded you frame together :) you are ready to paint it

make sure the frame is free from weld splatters and tarnish, by using a soft grinding disk.

i used standard black metal paint that happened to be a protective layer as well, however the protective bit, although is a nice extra is not super important because it is an inside table. it should only need one coat and it can be applied with a standard paint brush

Step 4: Part 2 .... Make the Timber Top

you can use whatever timber you like....ideally a hardwood as it will probably look better and be more durable, however this is totally personal preference. i happened to have lots of spare iroko in the back yard so i put this to use

first cut two pieces to the correct length. then router all the edges of each piece, using a 5mm router piece. now you are ready to biscuit joint the pieces together. once you have done this clamp the timber in place and leave to dry.

once the timber has dried sand down the timber to a satisfactory level....i had a large conveyor belt sander and then i touch it up with 320 grit sandpaper but an normal orbital sander can be used

sizes - width:400mm

- height: 1400mm

Step 5: The Bottom Shelf

on the bottom shelf i decided to us three bits of wood, however if you could use two to match the top.

this is very similar to making the top, cutting, routering, joining and sanding. however once you have finished making the the timber you need to cut 40mm squares out of the corners to allow the timber to fit on the the bottom

sizes - width: 300mm

- height: 1300mm

Step 6: Attaching the Timber Onto the Frame

i obviously didn't want any screw visible so, using a maglock pillar drill ( some sort of sophisticated cordless drill), i drilled holes under the metal frames and screwed the timber on from underneath ( this works real well, unless your screws are to long :] )

once this is finished you have finished your console table

Step 7: The Finished Product

thank you for viewing this instructable.

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