Introduction: Football Table

Hand made timber football table

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed


  • cordless drill
  • orbital sander
  • router
  • chop saw
  • rip saw
  • clamps
  • biscuit cutter


  • hardwood planks
  • biscuit joins
  • timber glue (lumberjack)
  • 10mm coach bolts
  • natural oil
  • spray paint (black and white

Step 2: Inspiration and Drawings

I really enjoy a good game of table football but I have one big issue with the design of a brought table; they are not high enough which meant I had a sore back after playing. I had some table football parts such as the men and rods and some timber in the yard, so I started out building a few ideas on CAD and eventually came up with a design. (see images)

Step 3: Preparing Timber for the Outer Shell

I started out by making the outer shell of the table (the 8 planks on the out side). so I cut these to length (see images for dimensions). Then after cutting out the holes for the rods using the pillar drill and a forsener piece and router cutting out the smaller detail such as the ball collection hole I joined together the side planks.

Step 4: Finishing the Outer Shell

now the biscuit joined planks were dry I joined all four corners with dowels to form the outer shell.

Step 5: Fitting the Inner Workings

now the outer shell was complete I was ready to work on building the inside. the playing field was made up from 2 boards. One on the bottom for strength and one on the top to give the smoothness. so I started by cutting the bottom one and then fixing it to the outer shell (also adding two slats to add strength, see pic). once this was fixed I built the ball channel system and also fixed this on.

Step 6: Finishing Touches for the Playing Field

after cutting the playing field I applied several coats of a black spray paint. Then after I cut out the goal mouth and goal cover I fixed these to the table.

Step 7: Fitting the Legs

firstly I cut the legs out using a Festool circular saw. Then I attached them to the table using the coach bolts

Step 8: Adding the Leg Supports

to make the table more stable for when playing I added to leg supports

Step 9: Fit the Table Football Parts to the Table

the rods I gave a oil to help them move smoothly and the plastic corners I resprayed white as they had faded overtime.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

To finish the table I applied a natural oil to the timber

Step 11: The Finished Table

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