Introduction: Contact Less(Smart ) Room Controller

I teach 7th grade student. On behalf of my student Harsha and her brother im writing this instructable. In this COVID-19 situation we created a Smart Home Controller which I'm using now in my home, in which i have used IR sensor and made it Contact-less. This Room controller can be controlled using IR Sensors or we can even control using our Mobile(using Blynk App).

All step by step details are provided below.

Step 1: Required Parts

1)NodeMCU - 1 ( )

2)2-CH Relay Module- 1 ( )

3)IR Sensors - 2 ( )

4)Connectors -Few ( )

5)Hi-Link 12v or 5v Power Supply - 1 ( ) - 5v

6)7805 Voltage Regulator - 1 ( )

7)220uf capacitor - 1

8)22uf capacitor - 1

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Connect all the components as per circuit diagram.

NodeMCU Relay Connections:

NodeMCU D0- Relay Signal pin 1(input pin)

NodeMCU D6- Relay Signal pin 2(input pin)

NodeMCU IR Sensors Connections:

NodeMCU D4- Sensor-1 Signal pin (output pin)

NodeMCU D5- Sensor-2 Signal pin (output pin)

All (NodeMCU ,Relay Module and Sensors) Vcc to 7805 Output pin(last pin)

All (NodeMCU ,Relay Module and Sensors)Gnd's to 7805 Gnd pin (middle pin)

Hi-Link Vo+ to 7805 Input pin (first pin) through capacitor +ve

Hi-Link Vo- to 7805 Gnd pin(middle pin) through capacitor -ve

Step 3: Arduino Code

Download the libraries from below links

WifiUdp ( )

ESP8266mDNS ( )

ArduinoOTA ( )

BlynkTimer ( )

thanks to techiesms for code reference.

Step 4: Blynk App Setup

Step1: Download Blynk App from playstore/appstore

Step2: Signup with your email id

Step3: Click on +New Project

Step4: Give your project a name

Step5: Select board to NodeMCU

Step6: Select Connection type to Wifi and click on submit

Step7: Verification code will be sent to your mail

Step8: Click on + button on top(android users) or click on screen(iphone users) and add a button to screen

Step9: Click on the button

Step10: Give your button a name

Step11: Select output to virutal pin v12 and slide from push to switch

Step12: Add another button and select output to virtual pin v13

Step13: Click on play button on top

Step 5: Add Wifi Credentials and Auth Code to Code

Step1: Copy the auth token form your mail and paste it in the code.

Step2: Give your wifi ssid in you code

Step3: Give your wifi password in your code

(reference in above pics)

Step 6: Upload

Step1: Connect your NodeMCU to your pc.

Step2: Open code in Arduino IDE and make necessary changes (auth token, ssid and password).

Step3: Click on tools and go to boards and select nodemcu1.0.

note: If you don't have nodemcu boards on your arduino ide please see this video (

Step4: Click on upload.

Step 7: Final Output

I have drilled holes in my switch board and kept all the circuit inside.

For Indication I've remover led's on relay board and added a 5 mm led and fixed in the switch board.


Feel free to ask me if you have any doubts in this instructable.

Thank you.

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