Introduction: PCB Practice

I just want to help the beginners to sholder tracks on dot PCB. So I've decided to make one instructable in a simple way.

Step 1: Materials Required

1)Small dot PCB.

2)Sholdering station.

3)Sholdering Lead.

Step 2: Pattern

Take one small dot PCB and with the help of a marker draw the above given pattern on it.

You can even draw parallel line if you feel difficulty with the above pattern.

Step 3: Step by Step Instructions.

Step 1: Sholder two dots as shown in the first picture.

Step 2: Join those two dots with some lead as shown in the second picture.

Step 3: Sholder all the dots as shown in third picture.

Step 4: Keep joining two consecutive dots as shown in fourth picture.

Step 5: Now join four dots.

Step 6: Now join all the four dots with next four dots and continue till the end of the line.

Step 7: You will get a track as shown in the last picture.

*Note* At starting you can use more lead , but as you keen on practicing use as less lead as possible. And also use moderate temperature. As I'm using basic sholdering kit I haven't mentioned above.

Step 4: Adding the New Next Line

Now draw the next line. So that you will be getting a "L" shaped track.

Continue the pattern till you get a close track. Make sure that you don't join the last dots.

Step 5: Internal Tracks

Start sholdering the internal tracks by following the previous steps.

Make sure that you don't join the adjacent track.

Step 6: Done

Keep practicing this pattern until you become an expert in sholdering tracks on dot PCB.

Thanks for watching my instructables.

Any queries feel free to ask.

Soon I will publish an instructable on how to sholder electronic component on dot PCB.