Introduction: Contactless Payment Ring for £14

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I kept forgetting my wallet so i wanted a permanent way to carry a payment device all the time something i couldn't lose or put down. Looking around i found Bpay which is a key-ring or bracelet device from Barclaycard.

If i had it as a key-ring i would probably forget my keys and i couldn't wear a bracelet as i wear a watch and bracelet already so i don't have a spare wrist. The other issue with a bracelet being if i was touching in on public transport it would be easier to miss the bracelet while wearing a jacket.

I had seen one contactless ring before but it was £150 and not great on signal so i opened the Bpay key-ring removed the sim found a ring and attached the card to the ring.

The ring works very well including through gloves which is great if like me you ride in the rain and have to buy fuel as there is nothing worse than taking off wet gloves making your dry hands wet.

Sorry in advance there are some amazing instructables on here and mine is sticking a sim to a ring but the concept is nice and works very well. As well as paying for things it also works on public transport

Warning: The ring uses a app to top up credit when you want. The app does not like rooted phones but will often work with magisk hide. if you dont know what a rooted phone is you dont have one so it should work but please check the app works first before trying to make the ring

Step 1: Download the Bpay App and Check It Works

The bPay app only works with Android 4.4 and above or iOS 8.1 and above.

If you dont know what rooting means ignore the next line below as it doesnt apply to you.

If you have rooted your phone using magisk then you will have to use magisk hide and sometimes have to retick the app.

Download the free barclaycard bpay app from the app store on your phone.

select the app and run it so your sure it works before making the ring

Step 2: Purchase the Bpay Unit

Google bpay

Either goto the amazon page or the bpay website.

If you only want to use the ring buy the keyring £8. If you might want to use the bracelet or the watch fob at a later date then buy that instead. I dont advise buying the sticker as im not sure if the sim is sealed inside

Step 3: Find a Suitable Ring

You need a ring with a flat surface either going across or down the finger. down gives it a slim profile.

I found mine in camden town market indoors downstairs there is a shop called tribal and outside the shop they have a bowl of wooden rings that are the perfect size.

Step 4: Attach the Sim to the Ring.

Items you will need:

1. Scissors

2. Gorilla double sided tape or super glue

3. If using superglue a small file or sand paper

4. OPTIONAL: Clear or colored nail varnish depending on your preference

Double sided tape option.

Stick the sim to a piece of double sided tape gorilla tape is very strong but a brand tape should work as well. Cut around the sim as close as possible any overhang is likely to attract fluff and such. wipe the top of the ring with a paper towel or toilet paper to ensure its clean and stick the sim on the ring.

Super glue option.

Scuff the back of the sim card and the top of the ring with the file or sandpaper. put a small drop of superglue on the ring and place the simcard on top. leave somewhere warm for a while to dry. Touch the superglue nozzle to the edge of the sim and leave a small trail of glue round the outside of the sim edge. leave to dry


paint the sim with clear varnish to extend the life of the sim. Or paint with a coloured varnish if you prefer to make it look like something else or stick a piece of colored plastic on top.

Step 5: Top Up Your Ring

Using the bpay app.

Add your card details to the app and top up by however much you want from £5 to £200

You can also set a automatic top up if you wish so that when you balance drops below a amount you set say £5 you can set it top top up by however much you want. If you bank balance is often low you might not want to do this option