Control Arduino From PC

Introduction: Control Arduino From PC

Hello everyone! In this article I will show you an app created by windows to control Arduino throught Bluetooth, USB and through the Network.

The app is called Windows Remote Arduino Experience ->

First download the library "Firmata" contain sketches necessary ->

Now we open our Arduino IDE and move on to examples from the File tab and select the folder called "Firmata" and select "StandardFirmata"

Select your board and the correct COM port, then load the sketch.

Now open the Windows Remote Arduino Experience app, select USB Connection and leave unchanged the BaudRate; You will appear under a written selectable written the name of your board and the port to which it is connected, select it and press connect.

Now by moving the various tabs, Digital, Analog, PWM, you can manage the PIN Arduino and view the values of them.

Step 1: Video:


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