Introduction: Control Home Appliances Using Node MCU and Google Assistant | IOT | Blynk | IFTTT

A simple project to control Appliances Using Google Assistant:

Warning: Handling Mains Electricity can be Dangerous. Handle with extreme care. Hire a professional electrician while working with open circuits. I won't take responsibilities for the damages caused. Have a safe experience.

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Parts used:




Bulb and holder

Step 1: Connect the Wires to the Bulb Holder:

Cut wire into two pieces and Strip the ends.

Screw the wires to the bulb holder

Step 2: Connect the Bulb to Relay:

Connect the Wire from Mains to Common.

Connect the wire to the bulb in Normally open.

Step 3: Connecting Relay to NodeMCU:

Connect jumpers from Vcc of Relay to Vin of nodemcu, Ground to ground and input 1 to D4.

Step 4: Configuring Blynk:

Step 5: Adding NodeMCU to Boards:

NodeMCU board manager URL

Step 6: Uploading the Code:


Step 7: Setting Up IFTTT:

WebHooks URL: Authentication token/update/D2?value=0

The pin number specified here is the GPIO pin of the NodeMCU and not the physical board number.

Once the action is triggered, A web request is made. This turns the Relay-ON.

Similarly a trigger can be made to turn off by using Value=1 and body "[1]"

Step 8: Now We Are Done: