Introduction: Line Follower Using Arduino | Easy DIY Project

In this tutorial, We will be making a line follower using Arduino

Parts Needed:
Chasis: BO Motors and Wheels: L298n motor Driver: IR sensor: Arduino Uno: Jumpers: Mini BreadBoard:

Step 1: Building the Chassis

Connect the wires to the motors. Then attach the motors to the chassis using Zip ties. Attach the wheels to it.

Now the body is complete.

Step 2: Build the Motor Circuit:

Here we are using an L298N motor driver module which is a dual H-Bridge driver. It can Drive 2 motors bi-directionally or 4 motors uni-directionally.

Connect the motors to the driver.

Connect the power source to the power pins of the driver.

Step 3: Connect the IR Sensors:

Here we are using IR sensors to detect the line.

The IR sensor module has an emitter and a receiver. The IR light is absorbed by black surfaces and reflected by white surfaces. This helps us to follow the black line.

Connect 3 jumpers to the IR sensors.

One for data and the rest two for power.

Step 4: Arduino Connection:

Connect the input pis of the motor driver to the digital pins of the Arduino. Assign them using the code. Do the same for the IR sensors.

Step 5: The Build Is Complete(CODE):

Link to the code:

Upload the code and enjoy!!

Step 6: Check My Video for Test Runs: