Introduction: Control Your Home Using T.V Remote| Control Your Home Appliance Using T.V Remote.

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IF you want to control your home using remote then this post is for you, I made a RC circuit using CD4017 IC, which you can control using any type of remote like. T.V remote and this circuit can fit to any appliance on your home which is running on AC current like. Light,Fan etc. This circuit act as a switch for those appliance.

Before making your own circuit please cheak the video on my youtube channel about this project. All materials and components used in this project is listed below with images..fell free to comment if you have any suggestion or confusion about this project.So, Let's get started.....

Step 1: Materials

The most time consuming process of any project is to find appropriate materials which gonna used in the project. All material used in this project is easily find on any electronics shop or if you have old circuit board(like from TV,radio or any electronics equipment) then you can salvage the materials from that.

Tools and materials used.....

1) Soldering Iron

2)Soldering wire and paste

3)Bread Board

4) Verro Board(purfboard)

5)T.V Remote

6)12Volt adapter

7)AC bulb(lamp) and holder

Electronics used...

1)CD4017 IC

2)TSOP1738 decoder

3)Resistance-:330E*2, 1K*1, 220K*1

4)Capacitor-;100uf*1, 0.1uf*1

5)Diode+Transistor-1N4007, BC558, BC548(T1,T2)

6)2*LED, 6Volt Relay

Step 2: Circuit Diagram.

After Getting all of the materials listed,start making the circuit according to the circuit board. First try on Breadboard to ensure everything is working perfect and then make permanent circuit on varroboard(purfboard).

After making the circuit connect 5-12V (12v in case you used 12v relay) and check the circuit using remote.If your circuit is perfect then LED will glow and shifted every time when remote's button is pressed.....

If you want to know more about this project..then please watch the video...if you have any suggestion or confusion about this project as well as my other projects then......Fell free to comment.. and please subscribe to my Youtube wii motivate me for more future project......

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