Introduction: Controll an LED With Your Muscles

Today I'll show you how I used the Myoware 4th generation sensor to turn an LED on and off using only my bicep. I ordered this sensor on Kickstarter a couple months back hoping to at some point using it in an exo-skeleton project. This is a really cool tech that I think you should check out, it is not expensive and it is pretty easy to use too.

But even though it is easy to use, there are almost no tutorials out there, so I decided to make a series of tutorials myself, this is the first one but I'll be making other tutorials on how to control servos, dc motors, and other things using this sensor.

This project was really fast, easy, and inexpensive, because apart from the Myoware I didn't have to buy anything else, I already had everything. So lets stop talking and get to the making!

Step 1: Materials

As I said in the introduction I didn't buy anything extra apart from the Myoware sensor which I got from Kickstarter, But even if I had bought all the things I used it would have still been pretty cheap. I'll just put up a list of everything I used and some links for you to be able to get it yourself.


- Myoware Sesnsor

- Jumper Wires

- Arduino Uno

- LED & Resistor

- Breadboard

- Solder

- Male Pin Header


- Hakko FX888D

- Helping Hands

***This are the tools and materials I would use, but I recomend you still search for other lternatives yourself, just in case you find something that you prefer***

Step 2: How To

Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed, make sure to also check out my other videos. The link to my Github is This One you have to go to "Myoware_4th_gen_LED" and upload that code to your Arduino.

I am making this instructable fo the Wearable Tech and Epilog contests so I would appreciate if you voted for my Instructable. If I won the laser cutter, I would use it for robotics projects mostly., I would work with materials like wood and acrylic, this would be a great addition to my small shop.

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