Introduction: Controlling Explosions in Minecraft( Pocket Edition Too!)

Hey guys , today , im going to show you HOW(?) To Control Explosion(s) In Minecraft..

Step 1: Things You Need.

TNT As many as you want
Water Buckets ( Depending on size of The Explosion)
Any Block(Depend on size)

Step 2: Placing TNT.

Simply dig One block (I prefer it) down and Place TNT in it.

Step 3: Explosive 'Cap'

Dig One Block down on all sides of the TNT block as shown in the pictures and Place any Block (I used clay to make it visible)..

Step 4: Controller..

Dig another block down and place water in it ( Up to you)..After doing so , Just light the TNT with Flint and Steel , it will explode without damaging anything nearby , Pick the water back and See the result..

Step 5: Result!!

See , this is how it looks , thanks for Watching and Please Comment!