Controlling Virtual DJ With a Guitar Hero Controller

Introduction: Controlling Virtual DJ With a Guitar Hero Controller

Hey this is coolwithpie also known as dj RB0t and this is my first instructable on Controlling virtual dj (or any dj software that supports keyboard controls) with a Guitar hero controller.

Step 1: Step One

First download the awesomely free program glovepie at this site

Step 2: Connecting the Wiimote

I used a wiimote with a guitar hero world tour guitar. if you dont already have a bluetooth dongle or bluetooth capability go buy a bluetooth dongle. go to the bluetooth settings in the network and internet connections menu. when you get there click add device. then press the 1 and 2 buttons simultaneously on the wiimote. When the screen pops up with the devices click on the one that says nintendo RVL-CNT-01. then click next. when it finishes installing the drivers, download my custom software to control Virtual dj.

Step 3: Using It

if you are using traktor  ableton torq mixxxx or any other dj software customize the mapping to your needs. open up glovepie and open my custom program. press 1 and 2 again then click run. the mouse should fly to the top left corner of the screen and you should be able to control it with the joystick. I dont know about you but the mouse couldn't get across the whole screen for me if you dont like that and want to be able to use the mouse regularly then delete these to lines of code.
Mouse.x = WiiGuitar1.JoyX
Mouse.y = WiiGuitar1.JoyY
after you delete them the mouse will no longer fly to the top of the screen.
 If you dont already have virtual dj then download it here
open up virtual dj run the glovepie program and you should be able to control cue points with the buttons and strum bar.

If the download doesn't work then copy and paste this code into glovepie
Mouse.x = WiiGuitar1.JoyX
Mouse.y = WiiGuitar1.JoyY
Mouse.LeftButton = WiiGuitar.TouchFret1
E = WiiGuitar1.Minus
Alt+One = WiiGuitar1.Green+WiiGuitar1.StrumDown
Alt+Two = WiiGuitar1.Red+WiiGuitar1.StrumDown
Alt+Three = WiiGuitar1.Yellow+WiiGuitar1.StrumDown
Alt+Four = WiiGuitar1.Blue+WiiGuitar.StrumDown
Alt+Five = WiiGuitar1.Orange+WiiGuitar.StrumDown
Alt+Six = WiiGuitar1.Green+WiiGuitar.StrumUp
Alt+Seven = WiiGuitar1.Red+WiiGuitar.StrumUp
Alt+Eight = WiiGuitar.Yellow+WiiGuitar.StrumUp
Alt+Nine = WiiGuitar.Blue+WiiGuitar.StrumUp
Alt+Zero = WiiGuitar.Orange+WiiGuitar.StrumUp
P = WiiGuitar.Plus

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