Introduction: Converse Nails

Step 1: Choose Five Bright Nail Polishes

Pick five random bright funky colours you want your nails to be.

Step 2: Paint Your First Nail

Use one colour to paint your thumb all over the nail. You may need to do two coats for a block colour.

Step 3: Paint the Tip of the Shoe

Making sure the nail has dried paint a white band at the tip of your nail for the front of the shoe.

Step 4: Paint on the Laces

Using a nailart pen or thin brush, paint white laces onto the nail in a zig zag. See picture

Step 5: Paint the Buttons

When the laces have dried, add black dots to the ends of the laces to make buttons. See picture.

Step 6: Add the Final Detail

Using a thin brush or nailart pen, do a smaller black band within the white band you have already done.

Step 7: Put on a Clear Coat

When the nail is dry, paint a clear coat over the top to make the pattern last longer.