Introduction: Converse Shoes Nail Art

I have always wanted to be different and these nail designs helped! They are kind of hard so don't get mad if you don't get the first time. keep trying! You'll get it sooner or later. :) lets get started.

Step 1: Supplies

You will obviously need nail polish. You can use any kind you want I'm just using yellow. You'll for sure need white and black. You will also need a nail art pen or a nail art brush. If you don't have either you can use a bobby pin to draw on it. This is optional, but nail polish remover is good to have if you mess up. The other details are up to you. I might use sparkles.

Step 2: Base Coat

Place two coats of the main color your using. *yellow* then wait for it to dry

Step 3: Nail Art 1

Put a thick French manicure white tip on the top of you nail for the toe of the shoe and let that dry.

Step 4: Nail Art 2

Draw a black Lin on the tip of your nail to represent the bottom of the shoe and three or four black dots for the holes that the laces go through.

Step 5: Nail Art 3

LACE UP THOSE SHOES! Make white lines crossing each other to make it look like they are laced up. Some people put bows on the top. I do sometimes but they are hard so I didn't do them today. ••••••••LET ME KNOW HOW I DID•••••••• This is my first instructable so if you could help me out by rating and commenting what I need to work on that would e great. If you have any questions just comment and ill get back as soon as I can. Thanks for trying and good luck!!! :)

Step 6: DONE!

You have just made a beautiful image on your nails.