Introduction: Convert Soap Bottle to Oil Dispenser

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Need an oil can?

One of these with a little dispenser pump? Oh, they are expensive!

But help is on the way! Just wait until your one-way soap-dispenser is empty...

Step 1: Cleaning the Soap Bottle

Now that you have rescued your soap bottle before it goes to the trash bin you will have to remove the rest of soap that is inside the bottle and the pump mechanism.

Fill the bottle with clean water and shake. Oh! Nice bubbles!

Pour out the water and repeat the procedure until there is no foam after shaking. Do not forget to use the pump frequently while there is clean water in the bottle.

Then remove all remaining water from bottle and pump and let it dry, as oil and water are not really friends.

Step 2: Cut the Snout and Bore to Prepare for the Dispenser Pipe

With a little saw cut off a piece from the snout of the pump head to get an even face for drilling.

Then use a little drill (in my case 2.8mm diameter) to make the hole at the outlet of the pump suitable for your pipe (I use 3 mm diameter pipe). The bore should be about 1 cm deep.

Cut a length of about 10cm from the copper pipe and smoothen the ends. Then you can insert it about 1cm deep into the pump head press fit. in case it does not press fit, you can fix it with some hot glue.

Step 3: Fill and Start Oiling!

Now that your dispenser is ready you may fill in the oil. I use Motor oil 10W40 for bike lubrication and similar uses. But its up to you . These dispensers are suitable for all kinds of liquid that do not dissolve the plastic or are hazardous for your skin.

If the dispenser pump gives too much oil per stroke you can limit the stroke by winding some turns of wire round the pumps head so that you cannot push it all the way down .

Have fun and keep your things lubricated!

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