Introduction: Convert a Baby Pacifier Teat to an Adult Sized Teat

Today we're going to convert a MAM button style baby pacifier to adult sized by switching the teat!

To start, you need one MAM baby pacifier (the 6+ months ones are good) and one adult sized pacifier teat. To get the adult sized teat, look on eBay, Amazon, and similar sites for Nuk 6 adult pacifiers. You can also buy the teats without the pacifier on Etsy.

To take the pacifiers apart you'll need a knife (I use a pocket knife) and possibly a blunt object like a pencil's eraser end.

Step 1: Take It Apart!

MAM button pacifiers are perfect because they aren't glued together, so you can just pop them apart.

To start, look for the little notch where the button meets the pacifier shield. Stick the end of your knife in there and pry the pieces apart.

Step 2: More Taking It Apart

Tada! It's off! Once you've popped one of the sides of the button off, you can pull it off with your hands. The second picture shows how the teat sits on the shield. Go ahead and pull this out.

Step 3: Take Out the Teat

These images compare our baby sized teat with the adult sized. They're pretty much the same, just one is larger!

Step 4: Put in the Adult Teat

Take the larger teat and push it into the hole in the shield. This can be a little tough, usually you have to use some force. Try not to use sharp objects to press it in - you could cut the teat which would be bad news. A pencil (eraser end) is a good blunt object that can help you out.

Step 5: Time to Put It Back Together!

You can see how once the adult sized teat is in, it fits just like the baby one! Now all we have to do it put the button back on.

Step 6: Pop That Button Back on and We're Done!

Pop it on! What I do is place the button on top of the shield and then put the whole assembly button-down on a table. Then I press it with my palm. You'll hear it make a noise when it snaps into place! All done!