Introduction: Convert a HG658 Huawei Router to a Repeater

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This is a quick tutorial on how to convert a Huawei ADSL/VDSL Modem/Router in a router. The original firmware from Huawei HAS a repeater function, the dumb thing is some of the ISP that are re-branding and using this device have blocked this feature.

Now for my special case, i received in the years 3 modems of this type from the same ISP, they just gave me a new one for free, and i needed to use the WIFI in the whole building, 3 level, but i cant get the signal from the top to the 2nd or to the ground level. Then i got the idea to use the modems that are just laying around. After fiddling and browsing around, i discovered that if i flash the original firmware on them i will loose the warranty on them (?!!!). Then i decided to use a patchwork, keeping the warranty and having the job done too.

As you can see, in the pictures, the outside is somehow different but it is the same thing, the HG658.

Now a step by step.

1. The first HG658 (the one that has the ADSL/VDSL enabled, the one with the phone cord plugged in) will use the IP address poll from to We gonna make our 2nd HG658 go from to How ? Easy. Log in the web interface of the HG658 (the one that is gonna be converted to repeater) and go to


IP ADDRESS : change from to then hit SUBMIT button.


Do this when your PC or Laptop is only connected to this HG658 (that means no internet access, no connection to the 1st HG 658, the administration IP will otherwise overlap)

2. We gonna disable DHCP. Why ? 2 DHCP servers in same network will block your network communication.

Go to BASIC -> LAN


3. We gonna enable WAN and setup WIFI encryption and password for repeater (i recommend WPA2 without WPS and change the default SSID to something else like "Repeater")



setup password and stuff i told you before and hit SUBMIT button.

4. Pug a LAN cable from the router that has internet access to one of the LAN ports of the repeater and you are clear to go, but read until the end before!


The repeater will work with static IP addresses, that means that when you connect to it with a laptop or table or phone or whatever it will need to asign it a static IP in the domain of to, this is done manually.

when asked about a SUBNET MASK input


1.) go to settings>wireless options>wifi settings
2.) now click on the menu button

3.) go to "Advance options"

4.) cick on set up Static IP address

IOS (assumed 6)

1.) Tap on “Settings” and then tap on “General”

2.) Tap “Wi-Fi” and look for the network name you are connected to, tap the blue (>) arrow next to it

3.) Tap the “Static” tab and enter network appropriate DHCP/static IP information Close out of Settings

WINDOWS: (if needed lol)

I recommend to keep a list of the IP addresses used to be sure not to assign the same IP to more that one device. (wont work and it will be a IP address conflict).

something like: - IPHONE - TABLET - TV - XBOX

and so on ...