Introduction: Convert Your Swim Ring Into a Beverage Center/cooler.

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I was cleaning up a construction site one day and I found this piece of filter fabric amongst the crud I was hauling away and it suddenly hit me, Why don't I make my own drink holder that uses the water it's in to keep my drinks cold? That's what this instructable is about. I designed this to use the body of water that it's in to keep unopened drinks cool and at reach.  I recommend the beverage barge after you open a drink.  There are many variations from my design ranging from the ring itself to the rope to the bottom of the ring so you can build it how ever you see fit.     

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Marker: to mark your cut. 
Ice pick,nail, awl, letter opener: To punch a clean hole through the tarp.
scissors: to cut your tarp.
Stove: To melt the rope so it won't unravel. Only do this with synthetic rope as natural ropes will burn.  

Swim ring: The swim ring can be whatever you want it to be. I just chose the coolest one ever devised by man.
Tarp. Mine is filter cloth that is synthetic based. A blue tarp would work but you might have to poke holes in it so water can get in, or not it's really up to you.
Rope. Use a synthetic rope as a natural fiber rope will rot from the contact with the water.
Duct tape. My filter cloth is actually plastic strips woven together so I used tape to prevent it from unraveling instead of the melting technique. 

Step 2: Lay Out the Material and Cut It.

 Lay our ring in the middle of your material and using your maker trace around the ring leaving a few inches of space. Using your scissors cut on the outside of the line until you have it cut out. If your ring has feet like mine leave those out since they aren't needed. 

Step 3: Tape Up the Edges and Tie the Tarp to the Ring.

 In order to prevent my filter cloth from unraveling I warped the edges with duct tape pressing it over both edges. I did not photograph the next step but poke 16 holes for the rope 8 on the outside then set your ring on the tarp and poke 8 more on the inside lining up with the ones on the outside. Once you have done that than you can assemble your holder by tying the tarp to the ring.  

Step 4: Done

 Now that your holder/ cooler is done use it and be proud! If you have any ideas, improvements,suggestions or pictures of your own conversions I would love to see and hear them!