Converting Micro Drones and 2S & 3S Batteries to XT30 Connectors




Introduction: Converting Micro Drones and 2S & 3S Batteries to XT30 Connectors

How to convert your micro drone and batteries to high quality XT30 connectors.

Or just buy the batteries with xt30 connectors pre-soldered HERE

Step 1: Parts Needed...

XT30 connectors (male and female x10) Buy Here

Step 2: Tools Needed...

Step 3: Cut ONE Wire

Go through all the steps with one wire then repeat for the next wire because it's never a good idea to have possible short hazards especially with lipo batteries!

Step 4: Strip 2-4mm of Insulation

Once stripped tin the wire with a little solder.

Step 5: Slide Some Heat Shrink Over the Wire

make sure the wire is completely cooled from tinning and place some heat shrink over and slide to the bottom.

Step 6: Tin the XT30 Connectors

heat the little tube for a second or two with your iron and fill it with solder

Step 7: Solder the Tinned Wire Onto the Xt30

Please ensure you are wiring the polarity correctly (there are indicators at either side of the XT30 connector)

Then its just a simple case of lining the wire up with the cut out part of the connector and giving it a few seconds of heat from your soldering iron.

Step 8: Shrink Your Heat Shrink Over the Connection You Have Just Made.

Make sure the joint has completely cooled from the previous step and slide your heat shrink over the joint and add a little heat from a hot air gun or a lighter.

Step 9: Finished Battery With XT30

Plug it in and fly knowing everything is just that little bit safer!

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    3 years ago

    I've got some connectors on order to convert some battery stuff, just an FYI though, many advise the assembly of male to female plug and socket sets while soldering to help keep pin alignments, else they may drift apart when soldered singly. ☺


    Reply 3 years ago

    I haven't noticed any problems with alignment but thanks for the tip ill add it to the instructable!