Introduction: Converting a Dis-use Toilet and Bathroom to a Functional Bedroom

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I live in a story building of four flats. Each flat has 3 bedroom, 2 toilets and a kitchen, my family occupies the down floor. I have four brothers, plus my parents and thats six of us to 3 rooms. My eldest brother was given a room to himself as tradition demands (wish i could have killed the man who made that law lmao i dont mean it though). So my parents share one room while my siblings and i have to be crammed into the remaining room of area 8meters sqd. It was not easy for us so i started thinking of a way out of this, I will like to state here that tenancy agreements between the landlord and the tenant is quite flimsy and their duties to their tenants, more often than not DO NOT EXIST. modifying your apartment with out the landlords approval can get you into trouble. The inner bathroom and toilets were broken and out of service for many years, several attempts to reach a concession with the landlord proved abortive way back then. So we sealed the the the pipe of our inspection chamber to avoid continuous back flow of sewage in to the toilet. The problem was quite simple the discharge pipe from our toilet was lower than normal, so whenever the rain came or the was any bockage in the pipes(as aresult of disposing sanitary towels and diapers into the wc by stubborn co-tenants), if the tenants above flush their cistern it would flow into our bowl and on the floor. So we called a plumber to block the chamber completely. PEACE AT LAST.

Step 1: Clearing Out Scraping and Painting

The room was used as a dump for all the clutter in the house all broken down stuff were thrown into there so i sorted out the gabbage into two groups the metals and the disposables. The metal i sold for money the disposable i burned and threw the rest into the recycle bin. As you can see the before and after images is quite encouraging. Using bleach and petrol with alittle detergent i wiped the entire tile clean.

Step 2: Windows and Curtain

One of the greatest infectious disease in my country is malaria. To be on the safe side i built a removable mosquito frame for my window. This will enable me open up the window and close it also. Next to follow was a lace linen like material which i repurposed as a curtain for the room.

Step 3: Flooring and Bedding

I also used some cement to patch up the broken points on the wall and
on the floor and moped it dry. Using the left over rug from my neighbours house decor, i sowed the green and blue rugs together to make my feet as comfy as possible.

I repurpose the two side boards from my elder brothers broken cabinet bed as floor boards for my bed. added some card board too. The bed i used here were the six spring mattress used buy my brothers and i when we went to boarding house which was actually used in sleeping in the sitting room for make shift visitors or ourself.

Step 4: Entertainment

Using an old cupboard as my melody tv stand, i added a shelf to the side and installed my television on top, amplifier, dstv and startimes decorders on the shelf. Tapping some 1" nails into the wall i hung the mini Lg speakers i repurposed from the burnt home theatre in the house for my amplifier.

Step 5: Final Touches

I also transformed the toilet into my workshop. Moved a table in there added a seat bought some pvc pipe measured, cut, glued and fitted the space for my tools.

The tool holder was made by

  • drilling a hole through the pipe
  • twisted it into a hook for my ring spanner.
  • the flats where inserted into a short peice of cut pvc pipe
  • and fastened to the the pipe using binding wire.
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