Introduction: Converting an Ikea TV Cabinet in to a Remote Control Slide Out TV Cabinet

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This is a standard TV Cabinet from Ikea. The TV is supposed to mount on the front but we

wanted to make it slide out of the side. There was a gap of 2.5" inside the back wall of the

Cabinet which is just enough to mount a TV and our Mini TrackLinear Actuator with some

guide rails to guide it smoothly in and out. Total project cost was about $400

First we disassembled the Cabinet so we had access to the inside of the back wall. We used 2 ​​

Guide rails and attached them to the inside of the back wall, and attached the other side of the

guide rails to the back of the TV. We managed to use the existing TV mounting holes in the

TV to mount the guide rails to make it easy. The cabinet is made of wood so its easy to screw

anything onto. Once mounted we made sure the TV would slide in and out nicely and freely by

hand, because if it didn't then the ​actuator could damage something. The ​Guide rails we used

were a much longer stroke than needed but that's how you want it.

Then when the TV is freely sliding in and out then we attached the actuator at the top using 2 ​

MB1 Brackets and electrically connected it to the 2CH-RC system (​wireless remote control)

from ​Firgelli Auto also. There are only 2 wires to connect so its pretty easy. then we Connected

the Remote system to a ​power supply

We tested the Actuator and ​remote system first before connecting the TV to it. Now the Actuator

used is called a Track actuator that means there is a carriage that slides up and down the shaft of

the actuator, that carriage has a bunch of threaded holes in it that are used to attach things to. We

just used a piece of plastic to attach the ​Linear Track Actuator carriage to the TV. We drilled 2

small holes into the back of the TV and screwed this on to the plastic tab that was now mounted

to the ​Track actuator. The Actuator does nothing more than push and pull the TV, since the TV

is on guide rails it means the force required is minimal