Introduction: Convince Your Kids to Exercise With Fortnite Dances!

If you've seen your children playing a shooting game with a purple background and lots of victory dances, then they've probably been playing Fortnite. You asked them, "Why are you playing this game? Go outside and get some exercise."

How about playing Fortnite and exercising at the same time! Your children will be able to show off their moves while they get fitter!

If you have a child who REALLY hates exercise, refer to it as a "dance session." Or you can ask them to teach it to you. I know if I had kids who played Fortnite and I started "Flossing," then they would say, "Dad, that's SO lame. You're scarring me. Please stop."

In this Instructable, I will give you 5 different exercises to do for an exercise regiment.


Child who loves Fortnite - Or an adult!

Exasperated parent who wants to get the child to stop playing Fortnite and start exercising - Heh heh heh.

Step 1: Best Mates High Knees

Stand straight up. Now extend your arms out to the sides. Bend your elbows so that your hands are pointing toward the ground. Move your forearms left and right. Now do high knees. Simple!

Step 2: Squat Flossing

This one is a bit more complicated. Squat down and point your arms forward and out. Now angle them down so they are in front of you and by your side. Now move them to the right so the left fist is in front of your right knee. Now move them back to the left so the right fist is in front of the left knee. Now move them right so that the left fist is behind the right knee and the right fist is out to the right side. Now move left to resume the previous position with the right fist is in front of the left knee and the left fist is out to the left side. Now go right so the left fist is in front of the right knee and the right fist is out to the right side. Go left so the left fist is out to the left side, and the right fist is behind the left knee. Revert to the previous position. Now repeat. When you move left, move your hips right, and when you move right, move your hips left.

Step 3: One Legged Orange Justice

Bend one of your legs and place it in front of the other leg so the first foot is on top of the second. Place your arms at your sides but a little bit outward. Face your palms forward. This is position 1. Now cross your arms in front of the body with the palms backward. This is position 2. Now revert to the previous position. This is position 3. Now curl your hands out so they are pointing behind you and out a little. This is position 4. Now go back to position 2, and then position 1.

Step 4: Hype Jumper

Extend your right arm forward. Now bend your elbow so your fist points upward. While your right foot kicks forward, punch your fist forward so your arm gets close to straight. Repeat 6 times. Now put your hands by your side and repeat with both arms pumping forward. Repeat 6 times. Every time you kick your right foot, jump with the left foot. Never let your left heel touch the ground. Make sure you land on the ball of the left foot.


Step 5: Russian Squat Kick

This is not the full movement, but stand up and extend your arms out. Now bend them so the left forearm is on top of the right forearm. Squat down and kick your legs out, one at a time. Simple, but definitely not easy.

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