Introduction: Cookie Cutter DIY

The other day I went about wanting to try a new recipe to make dog treats. The recipe I used called for me to roll out the dough and cut out the treats before baking. Since I had no cookie cutters around the house I decided to try to make my own and create a small dog bone cookie cutter for my dog biscuits

Step 1: Supplies

Here I what I used to create my cookie cutter

An aluminum can - I used an empty soda bottle. The metal was flexible enough to work with but strong enough to cut.



Overall this was a quick and cheap build. Honestly if you have some empty soda bottles you could make your own cookie cutters at no cost.

Step 2: Cut Open the Aluminum Can

I started by getting a piece of aluminum can to work with. This involved cutting into my soda bottle to take both the top and bottom off. The aluminum in the middle of the bottle is easiest to work with.

I ended up with about a 2.5" by 7" piece of aluminum. This was a great size to start working with.

NOTE: after cutting the piece you are going to work with I would recommend cleaning it with soap and water. My soda can still had a little residue on the inside and I tried to clean it out before I cut into it, but found later that cleaning the piece I was working with after I cut it made the piece a lot easier to clean.

Step 3: Fold One Side of the Aluminum

The next step is to form the side of the cookie cutter where you will be holding it. This end you don't want sharp since you don't want to cut yourself. I fixed this problem by folding down one side of the aluminum about 1/4".

By doing this I was able to fold the sharp edge to the inside of the cookie cutter and away from where I would be handling it.

I ended up folding it twice so the sharp side ended completely folded into the aluminum.

After finishing folding the aluminum I trimmed the other side of the aluminum so that the total width of the cookie cutter will be about 3/4"

Step 4: Shape the Cookie Cutter

Once the side was folded in. I started shaping the piece into the shape I wanted for my cookie cutter.

Shaping it into a bone took a little time for me and I had to adjust it a couple times before I got the shape I wanted. By only using one can I was limited to the side of the cookie cutter. If you wanted to have a larger cookie cutter you might need to use multiple cans and multiple pieces.

When I was finally happy with the shape I took a little bit of hot glue and glued the two ends of the cookie cutter together.

Step 5: Final Trimming

After shaping and gluing the cookie cutter I took a last look and noticed that the ends of the cookie cutter did not line up exactly. One part of the sharp edge was slightly longer than the other.

I quickly fixed this by doing a final trim on the end of the cookie cutter, making everything flush.

After a quick trim I was done and the cookie cutter was ready to use!

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