Introduction: Cookie Ice Cream Pie

This is a delicious fusion of both ice cream and cookies! Made simply by turning a muffin tin upside down and baking cookies over it, and then shoveling in ice cream to make a delicious ice cream pie with the greatest shell ever.

Materials needed:
   your favorite ice cream
   2 1/4 cups flour
   3/4 cups white sugar
   3/4 cups brown sugar
   1 tsp salt
   1 tsp baking soda
   2 cups chocolate chips (or more always)
   1 tsp vanilla extract (or more always)
   2 eggs
   1 cup (2 sticks) butter
   a cookie sheet and / or a large muffin tray (don't miss this) 
   mixing bowls (a small one and a large one for making the cookie dough)
   a knife to help get cookie bowls out.

Step 1: Make the Cookie Dough

make whatever type of cookie dough you want. Just make sure to half or quarter the amount of chocolate chips or other melts additives so that the cookies will be firmer when forming the bowl-shape. You can add the remainder chocolate chip after the cookies have been made, they should still melt on.

here is a simple cookie recipe:
1) mix flour (2 1/4 cup), baking soda (1 tsp), and salt (1 tsp) in a small mixing bowl.
2) in a separate larger mixing bowl, mix 2 sticks (1 cup) butter with 3/4 cups of white sugar and 3/4 cups brown sugar. mix well!
3) add 1 egg and mix. then add another egg and mix.
4) add the tastiest vanilla extract you have (1 tsp) [my favorite step] and mix.
5) add the small bowl with the flour mix to the larger bowl of everything else. crank your arm and stir it all very nicely, it will get firm from this point on.
6) add toppings! chocolate chips (2 cups normally) and mix evenly. For this recipe, only add 1/2 cup chocolate chips.
7) grab a cookie sheet and place spoonful sized balls onto the sheet about 2 inches apart for normal cookies. However, for this recipe we will be using a muffin tray instead (2 options detailed below)

         the fun part:
                     option 1: turn the muffin tray upside down and put a large ball of cookie dough onto the cup shaped form and form it
                     over the edges with your hands.

                     option 2: keep the muffin tray right side up. put a large ball of cookie dough into the cup. grab a paper muffin cup and
                     put it inside the the cookie dough inside the cup. This forces the cookie dough into a bowl-like shape. You may need
                     to weigh the paper cup down so that it holds pressure to the cookie dough as it bakes.

8) you may need to have greased / buttered the sheets before baking.
9) bake the dough at 325~350 F in the oven.
     watch the cookies as they go to make sure nothing horrible happens (nothing did for me but I was worried it would)
10) to the next step!

Step 2: Ice Cream Filling

Firmly cup the bowls in your hand and twist them off of the muffin sheet (or pull them out gently if you can). It will most likely require a knife to cut away the excess cookie around the sides (shown in the last picture of the previous step).

Grab some ice cream and scoop it into the bowls.

Place a regular cookie on top of the ice cream and bowl.


almost done....

EAT IT! I think it is best eaten with a fork, but it is definitely possible to eat it like an ice cream sandwich to start (until it gets too messy).

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