Introduction: Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

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Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches are my favorite frozen ice cream treat, but they can get so expensive.  I found an easy way to make a perfect personalized cookie ice cream sandwich with any cookies or ice cream you want!

*This is my cheap alternative to the Ice Cream Sandwich fad I saw roaming the internet a while back.

Step 1: What You Are Going to Use

Here is what I used.  Substitute as needed.

  • Ice Cream of Choice (I used traditional Vanilla for this, but would love to try something like Chocolate or Mint Chocolate Chip!)
  • Cookies of Choice (I made Peanut Butter Cookies and Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Decorations of choice (I used mini chocolate chips, sprinkles and Reese's Pieces)

  • Soup Can (I used a Bush's Baked Beans can because it is big and tall, fits lots of ice cream)
  • Cling Wrap
  • Can Opener

Step 2: Make Cookies

Make your cookies!  If you know how to make soft cookies, you should do that.  I fail every time for some reason.  But here are the cookies I made.

Peanut Butter Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Plan ahead!  I knew I was going to decorate the sides of my sandwich with sprinkles so I did a few of the cookies with sprinkles baked on top.  Also plan for how big you want them.  I went a little overboard at first, but after having done this, I think making cookies just a bit bigger than normal is perfect!

Step 3: Freeze Your Ice Cream

Okay, so here is where I preform my magic.

*To head off people, yes this isn't the easiest way to make ice cream sandwiches.  This is just the way I came up with that gives you nice ice cream cylinders.  Just an idea, that's all :)

I used my Bush's Baked Beans can and Cling Wrap.  (I considered Wax Paper, but wasn't prepared in time and would love to hear how this works for people.

Tear off a piece of cling wrap that is more than twice the height of the can.  Lay it over the opening of the can and with the center of the cling wrap in the center of the can opening.  Push down trying to keep the sides even.  Push it all the way down.  Now try to overlap the sides to you don't see the can poking through.  You should have extra cling wrap hanging over the sides outside the can. 

Fill your can with ice cream!  You may need to leave it out a bit to soften.  Don't forget you left it out if you do, I almost did :P

Once it is full, wrap the top of the cling wrap and freeze.

Step 4: Stack It

Now you need to get that ice cream out after you have given it time to harden back up.  I wanted to just slide it out, but that wasn't meant to be.  So I flipped the can over and opened the other end.  With both ends open, I shoved the ice cream cylinder out.

Now, it is a little messy cause the ice cream wants to stay stuck to the cling wrap, but it isn't too bad.  Have your cookies ready and cut off a slice of ice cream.  Layer your cookie ice cream sandwich and you are done!

These will keep in the freezer, but, unless you are the master of soft cookies, your cookies will harden like a rock.  It might be best to cut off slices as you need them and make the sandwiches when you are going to eat them.

*Update: So they seem alright as long as they are at least a little soft originally.  My husband had one of his peanut butter ones the next day and it was fine.  I got a suggestion fro Audrey and heated up a pan on the stove on about medium heat and lightly heated up each side of the sandwich.  This a great way to heat up the cookies without melting the ice cream.  Don't heat them up for too long or you will burn the chocolate chips.

**Update Again:  So I ate one weeks later and it was good.  It all depends on how the cookie was before it was frozen. If it was hard and crunchy then it will be the same after.  The only thing is, if you eat it right away after putting it together, the ice cream will probably be soft from being handled so then it will be messy.  But messy is tasty in this case :)

Step 5: Decorate It

Totally optional, but why wouldn't you do this?!?

Decorate the exposed ice cream sides with your topping of choice.  I did sprinkles for the sprinkle cookies, mini chocolate chips for the chocolate chip cookies and mashed Reece's pieces for the peanut butter cookies.

I'd love to hear what people try!

Step 6: Freeze 'em or Eat 'em

Okay, eat it!  Like I said earlier, you can freeze it, but the outcome of this will depend on your cookie's consistency.  If you are hungry, eat them right away and Enjoy!
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