Introduction: Cooking Mirror

This mirror provide wide field of view for cocking (such as cocking on a wheelchair) and was made as part of a FIXPERTS project.

the mirror should be mounted on any kitchen closet wall by using 2 C Clamps.

watch our short video about this project:

Step 1: Tools and Materials


Drill (simple one will do the job as well)

drill bit (chose by the size of the bolts that you are using)


angle grinder

Double Sided Duck Tape


2X C clamps

2X 1m of steel rod

50\25 cm of plastic mirror

2 bolts + 4 washers + 2 nuts

Step 2: Assembly 1.0

safety first! - use safety gear!

1. Sketching (pre-working)

chose the mirror angle that you wish to have - mark the folding points on the metal rod.

Before folding! - Drill holes to connect the mirror to the metal:

on the middle part of the metal rod - drill two holes so the bolts will be able to pass and connect the mirror to the metal frame.

2. Folding

Bend the metal rod into a triangle (keep in mind to have the right angle for the mirror - TIP: use the middle part of the metal rod as surface. bend the two parts away from the middle - and connect them)

3. Welding

a. first - weld the two tips to the metal rod to a triangle.

b. weld the far edge of the two metal C clamps to the back part of the triangle (double check the direction of the c clamps - keep in mind how you will hang it on the wall)

4. edge grind

clean the sharp edges of the welding with the angle grinder

5. (some more) Drilling

place the mirror on the metal rod - mark the holes on the mirror surface and drill holes for the bolts.

Step 3: Assembly 2.0

1. apply color on the metal frame and final TLC.

2. place double sided duck tape on the long arm of the metal frame.

3. connect the mirror to the metal frame: by using the duck tape and with 2 bolts (and washers + nuts)

dont close the nuts with force - it will bend\crack the plastic mirror.

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