Introduction: Cooking Oil Powered Lamp

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Hello, guys! This time we are going to make a Cooking Oil Powered Lamp. This project is perfect for emergency situation like brown out or blackout or power shortage. You can alternatively fuel your lamp using a cooking oil!

We all know that cooking oil is very common household item in every home and in every kitchen. I will teach you how to make one which is super easy, useful and reliable in case of emergency. This idea is well known over the past years. I just want to share it our new generation and for our future generation.

The explanation behind this life hack is that cooking oil can be use as an alternative fuel. The oil is preventing the burner to complete buring the material. In short, it has low evaporation point than normal liquid. When heated it will slowly evaporated. This is based on my observation.

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Step 1: You'll Need!

All the things you'll need to build an amazing cooking oil powered lamp is by providing some of the typical and common household items! See below for the list and see the image for the demonstration.

* Cooking Oil
* Salt
* Stick
* Cotton
* Glass Nail Polish Bottle
* Matchbox/Lighter

Provide this items and you may now proceed!

Step 2: Prepare the Glass Nail Polish Bottle

Get your glass nail polish bottle and clean it with dishwashing soap and water to remove excess chemicals in it. The cover of the bottle will not be useful you may trash it.

Step 3: Add the Salt

The purpose of the salt is to provide a support for the stick to stand. There is no chemical reaction between oil and salt to light a lamp. Check out the images!

Step 4: Add the Cooking Oil

After adding salt, you may now add our alternative fuel which is the cooking oil or vagetable oil, ut doesn't matter they are almost the same.

Step 5: Make a Lamp Burner

Let's make together a lamp burner by using cotton and stick. Please let measure the height of the stick and match it with the height of the glass nail polish bottle. Follow how I made a lamp burner by looking at the picture!

Step 6: Lamp Burner and Cooking Oil

Add a small amount of cooking oil to the cotton which is attached and wrapped arround to the stick. This will help to prevent burning faster of your lamp burner.

Step 7: Assemble the Lamp

Place the lamp burner we create inside the glass nail polish bottle as you can see on the pictures! Plant the stick in the salt surface. The salt will act as a support to the stick.

Step 8: Light Up the Lamp

This is the exciting part of my instructable! We are now going to light up and test the lamp. Get and light up your matchstick or your lighter and burn the top of your lamp burner and wait for few second to completely burn it and start a light. Alright! We're done making your own cooking oil powered lamp which is you can use it for emergency or as a lamp for your own purpose.

Step 9: Enjoy!

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