Introduction: Cool, Decorative Lamp - From Recycled Parts!

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I started cooking this one up when I noticed how many pieces of junk I had in my drawers. Bolts, nuts, switches, wires, and I-don't-know-what-else. I thought I might want to make a lamp.

That was a few years back.

Now I thought I'll finish the project and maybe post it on Instructables.


Step 1: What You Need to Gather:

  • One Halogen Bulb
  • A small bottle - I used a baby food bottle
  • One 9V Battery
  • 9V Battery Holder

  • Soldering Iron

  • One paper plate

  • One electrical switch

  • Two hot-Glue sticks

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Electrical wires

  • Solder

  • Scrap pieces of thin plywood - or just use Popsicle sticks.

  • Baking soda - just a tad will do.

And finally:

  • Your brains

Step 2: Prep the Bottle and the Plate

Note: Before we start, you may want to paint the plate and the Bottle lid.

Put a hole just big enough for the halogen light to fit snugly through in the bottle lid. Also, punch holes in the plate as shown.

Then take the pieces of scrap wood and glue them to the underside of the plate. This is to provide strength and stability.

Step 3: Fire Up the Soldering Iron

Don't let nothing or no one near this monster. It looks wicked enough without damaging anyone.

Step 4: Setting the Bulb

Glue the bulb into the hole. Put a lot of hot glue, because this must be waterproof. And study the pics carefully, or you are going to end up gluing the bulb the wrong way.

Then attach the wires to the bulb. Fire up the soldering iron and solder those connections. Oh wait, you already fired it up.

Step 5: Set the Bottle and the Switch

Use plenty of hot glue.

Step 6: Set the Battery Into the Picture

Solder the switch and the bulb (one wire each), then add the battery. And ignore the last picture; that was one connection that I had to make.

Step 7: Cool the Soldering Iron

Just look at the pictures.

Step 8: Get the Bottle Onto the Lid

...and as usual, I was too lazy to take pics.

Sprinkle baking soda along the bottom of the bottle. Fill the whole thing with water. Carefully take the plate, tip it over, and screw the lid on. Voila!

Step 9: Prevent a Short Circuit. gluing the wired to plywood a decent distance from each other

Step 10: Turn Off the Hot Glue Gun.

I thought this was so important that it merits a step.

Step 11: Remember This:

Look on the right. See the license?

I licensed this project under the Attribution-ShareAlike. Yaaahhh, I know, the usual yadda-yadda.


I will make you a deal. You are free to variate this project as much as you like, and share those derivatives of yours, as long as you give me credit and make an "I Made It!" comment showing pictures. Okay? Oh, and if you publish your variated designs, please provide a link to this Instructable.

I knew you'd agree. You had better.

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