Introduction: Cool Homemade Lamp

This is the cool homemade reading lamp.

This lamp is a reading lamp that has two different colors yellow and white. For this project, I used the design thinking process and I used all the steps.

Step 1: Design for Thinking Process

The first step was discovery: First I observed local lights around me both electrical and natural. Then I started analyzing drivers and constraints about the lamps and conclude my lamp was going to have two colors. I got feedback from people what they liked about a lamp and what they disliked.

Second is Defining: where I started realizing which stuff I should use and which lights and reflect on the comments of my interviews.

Third Ideation: In the third step I started sketching my lamp and getting new ideas.

Forth Prototype: I made a prototype out of cardboard and started getting dimensions. I also used tinkercad for the prototype.

Fifth testing: The Fifth step is testing were I starting building here are some steps.

Use this link for pictures.

Step 2: Materials

Step 1

2 light bulb holders, 2 lids, 2 light bulbs (1 yellow one white), 1 coil, wires, electrical tape, plastic lids, power cord, silicon glue, power drill, screw, screwdriver, glue gun
Optional: rock, sand.

Step 3: Step 2

First, make a hole in the top of the plastic lid of your lamp and you have to glue your coil onto it with silicon glue. Use the power drill to make the holes then measure your switches and make the two holes for the switches. The size of my lids is 33 Width cm by 20 Longitude cm. The two switches hole is 6 Width cm by 2 Longitude cm. Make sure your tube is hollow and the diameter is big enough for the wires.

Step 4: Step 3

Get your power drill because you have to make some holes! 1. First, make two holes on the sides of your two lids and screw them together. They make a hole on the top of your two lids and make sure your light bulb holders fit. 3. Then make a hole on the side of the lid that is closest to the tube and make sure the tube can fit through there because that's what connects the two lids with the tube. 4. Finally, you have to make another hole on the top of the lid that you put the tube hole in so the wires can fit on top of the lamp.

Step 5: More Step 3

On the first picture you already made these two holes but here are different angles on the second picture you can see how the wires fit through the holes.

Step 6: Step 4

In the first picture, you can see which switch I use, feel free to use any other type of switch so your lamp can look different. On the second picture, you can see I have opened the switch to show you which is the red wire/ positive and the black wire/ the negative it all depends where you are because then the wires will look different, mine is white but in the US they are usually Red and Black.

Step 7: More Step 4

You have to wire the positive wire with the positive wire so it can work. The light bulb holders are neutral so you can just connect the wires however you like but make sure you put some electrical tape.

Step 8: Step 5

Now you have to glue the lids together I recommend using silicone from a glue gun or just the bottle and if you have any areas where there is a gap make a layer of glue.

Make sure when your gluing to leave a hole for the power cord to pass. Also, connect the power cord to both switches so they both get power.

Step 9: Decoration/optional

Here I put some rocks and some sand to give it the beach mood what's cool about the base is that you can see through it feel free to use different types of materials/decoration.

Step 10: Done

Your done

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