Introduction: Cool Paper Airplane

This is my first instructable, if you don't understand a step please leave a question in the comments.

Step 1:

1. Make a square out of the paper
2. Save the extra piece for later

Step 2:

1. Fold an "X" and a "T"
2. Fold In half horizontally

Step 3:

1. Fold the paper down
2. Fold the corners of the top layer up to the top

Step 4:

1. Fold the sides of the part you just folded to the middle

Step 5:

1. Take the leftover piece of paper and fold it in half
2. Fold down the top corners

Step 6:

1. Put that paper into the other

Step 7:

1. Fold the top part into the opening
2. Repeat to other side

Step 8:

1. Fold the top of the plane down, crease.
2. Put the pieces into the opening on the tip of the plane

Step 9:

1. Plane is done and ready to be flown

Try tweaking the back to adjust flights