Introduction: Cool Pizza Stand Hacks (Faster and Simpler)

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Hello Guys! This is TheGreatCK!

In this instructable, I will show you some cool tricks of pizza stands. If you don't know what a pizza stand is, look at the pictures. You might get these every time you eat pizzas, but you always throw them away right? But wait! Don't do that! They are not completely useless!

Here I have given four cool ways (given in detail in the steps) in which you can use them-

  • As a stand!
  • As a hanging jack for chargers and other wires
  • As a spring
  • Playing with them like Jenga blocks!

The materials you would be needing overall are-

  • Pizza stands (available in a pizza box)
  • Good quality glue (you will have it at your home of course)
  • Nothing Else!

So Let's Go!

Step 1: As a Stand

You need:

  • A Rubik's Cube
  • A pizza stand

This is very simple.

You have to just turn your stand upside down and keep a Rubik's Cube on it. Look at the given images.

You can also use it for other thingslike laptops and mini speakers.

Step 2: As a Hanging Jack for Chargers and Cables

You need:

  • A rack in your cupboard
  • A pizza stand (of course)
  • Glue
  • Some chargers, connecting cords,etc.

For this, you need a flat sheet or a rack which has a thickness of about 2cm. Look at image 1 and insert your pizza stand like I have done. Leave a bit of space between the stand and the rack. It is also shown in Image 1.

Then put superglue, or rather any type of strong glue ONLY on the TOP leg as shown in Image 2.

Then you can hang chargers or any other wires in the pizza stand. Look at Image 3 and Image 4. You can hang things like earphones (NOT headphones), charging cords,etc. But DO NOT hang things like mini speakers or USB mice. It is explained in the images..

Step 3: As a Spring

You might not know that this is one of the most strange ability of a pizza stand, or rather plastic. It can be used as a spring too!

You need:

  • Two round pizza stands (if you don't understand what 'round' is, look at image 1)

Now stretch the legs of one pizza stand. (image 2)

Then put the stretched stand on the unstretched one (image 3)

How does the spring work? Well, you might know it. If you didn't understand, watch the video given below.

Step 4: Invent More!

So you have seen how useful pizza stands can be. It is a good way to save plastic.

Why not invent something of your own? You can do that! It's very easy.

Thank You, and Goodbye!

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