Introduction: Cool Computer Desktop Prank: Changing Icons

This instructable will show you how to make a cool desktop prank on on of your friends.

this is my first instrctable so it might not be as good as others.

Step 1: What You'll Need

this is a very easy prank so all you'll need is:
-a computer
-a victi... a friend
-a program called "windows gif animator
-and MS paint, or other similar program

Step 2: Step 1 Getting the Picture

get on your friends computer, or on yours and get a similar desktop background.

then click on the "prt scr" button on your keyboard (try not to include your mouse and the task bar, and side bar if you have vista, in the picture)

go to Microsoft paint and paste the picture into it and save it as a gif. file

then move the desktop icons around "prt scr" again paste it into a different paint file and save it as a gif.

continue until desired amount of pictures

(The prt scr picture is not mine its from

Step 3: Step 2 Editing the Gif

when you are done open up windows gif animator

open your first picture

then insert the others

change the animation to repeat for ever

then the time of each frame

Step 4: Final Step

right click on your victi... friends desktop when he or she's not around change the desktop background and click hide icons.

then if you can, hide the recycle bin.

have fun :P happy April fools day 2009

Step 5: Notes

for some reason gifs don't work in vista, or at lest i can't get it to work.

if you know how to fix this problem please post a reply
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