Introduction: Cool Lights of Paper

Make beautiful decorative lights only with cardboard unused

Step 1: Step. 1 Prepare Equipment and Materials

1. Cardboard former

2. Ruler

3. Pencil

4. Cutter

5. Spray paint

6. Glue shooting

7. Cable

8. Fitting

9. Lights

Step 2: Prepare the Cardboard Used

  • Prepare the cardboard used, mark with a pencil to form a rectangular field. With a length of 60cm and 21cm wide then cut (for the length and width of the pieces you can customize to the needs).
  • The next step paint one side of the cardboard pieces with spray paint. Choose a paint color according to your taste, and let stand until the paint is completely dry.

Step 3: Create a Sign of the Long Side

Create a sign of the long side cardboard unpainted into five parts of equal length, then a line with a cutter but remember not to cut off the boxes. It is intended that the box can be folded into the shape of an equilateral pentagon as seen in the image above.

Step 4: Cut Lengthwise Into Seven Sections

Expand back cardboard folds cardboard pentagon then cut lengthwise into seven sections with each section has a length of 60cm and 3cm wide.

Step 5: Connect Between the End of the Piece

Having obtained small pieces, connect between the end of the piece so as to form a pentagon with sides in the paint in the position inside. until the end of the seven pieces are all connected. Then stacking seventh as seen in the image above. It will later be used as a frame / frame of the chandelier.

Step 6: Make the Top of the Lampshade

Next we prepare to make the top of the lampshade. Cut the cardboard to the shape of an equilateral pentagon with sides length 12cm, in accordance with the size of the frame pieces that we have made. So easy to trace the frame size equilateral pentagons previously created on cardboard and then cut out using a cutter stay.

Step 7: ​Make a Hole

Make a hole in the midst of the upper part of the lampshade that we created earlier so that the tip of the light can enter the fitting then glue the fittings with cardboard.

Step 8: FINALE

Staying we put a frame that has been made by his superiors, and paste with glue firing to form a beautiful chandelier

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