Introduction: Cooling Gel Koozie

Design thinking is making something new with a design thinking process. This is important because it makes you come up with a lot of ideas, ask other people and make something new. My design is a koozie made out of cooling gel packs this makes drinks last very cold a really long time. My supplies are a cooling gel pack. A cooling insulated cylinder and very strong glue

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Discovery and Interpretation

Empathy is when you know how someone else feels so you help them. this has to do with design thinking because you have a user and you need to fulfill their needs. In this case my user is people that have tailgates. This is when you know what you want to do and figure out your user. There was a lot of drivers and constraints that made my product better.

Step 2: Ideation

Step 3: Ideation

Ideation is when you actually start sketching what you will make.

Step 3: Step 4: Prototype

Step 4: Prototype

In this part I had to decide how exactly I will make my item. After looking at sketches, practicability and what I had available I decided and started building. When I finished I tested and made my video.