Introduction: Copycat Tim Hortons OREO Iced Capp ( a Storm of Flavor)

The Oreo Iced Capp from Tim Horton's Is my preferred beverage. The Oreo Ice Capp melts in one's mouth with the rich flavor of Oreos, coffee, and frost. The creme In the Oreo is distributed evenly throughout the drink. The Oreo cookie contributes to the Chocolately flavor of the Drink. The Vanilla adds sweetness and the whipped cream tastes like a cloud in your mouth, while the frost of the drink comes with a storm of flavor.


You will need

Ice Tray or Refrigerator with Icemaker( To make the Ice In Preparation for this Recipe. ( easiest to make sure of this a couple of hours before continuing to make your Oreo Iced Capp. You will need Solid Ice cubes to make your drink the right Consistency.))

A Bowl ( plastic or glass) - to make the Cloud-Like Fluffy Whipping Cream

A Hand Mixer or Whisk - for Fluffy Whipping Cream ( Mix for 10-15 minutes.)

A Mug - to hold/ blend the Coffee Mixture.

A Blender - to blend the Cofee Mixture, Ice, and Oreo

A Cup - to serve your Oreo Iced Capp

A Spoon - for Putting whipped cream over the drink.

1 Cup - for Heavy cream for Whipped Cloud Topping.

1 Tbsp Measurer for Sugar, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Maple Syrup.

Extra measuring tool to hold the desired amount of creamer.

Ingredients for the Drink:

The desired amount of Creamer

1Tbsp Maple Syrup(optional)

1 Tbsp Brown Sugar (2 Tbsp If you do not use the Maple Syrup)

5 oz of your choice of coffee ( unflavored)

3 Oreos

12-20 Ice Cubes

For the Heavenly, Delicate & Fluffy Cloudy Whipped Cream Topping:

A cup of Heavy Cream

2 Tbsp's of Sugar.

Step 1: Copycat Tim Hortons OREO Iced Capp

Step 2: Pour a Cup of Coffee and Add Desired Amount of Cream.

(I put 1/4 a cup )

Step 3: Add a Tbsp or Vanilla Extract, Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup.

Don’t overdo these ingredients . Adjust them to your taste. More brown sugar will replace the need of Maple Syrup.

Step 4: Add 2Tbsp Sugar to 1 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream and Mix Until Peaks Form.

Step 5: Add 12-20 Ice Cubes to a Blender With Your Cofee Mix and Desired Amount of Oreos

Add ice based on desired consistency (thick usually is what makes the frappé good)
Add Oreos based on how chocolatey you want your iced Capp to taste.

Step 6: Pour Into Cup , Top With Your Whipped Cream, Crush and Oreo Over the Top of Your Frappé.

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