Introduction: Copyright and Copyleft Gloves

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Do you find copyright law as confusing as figuring out which glove goes on which hand? If you do, then have I got the invention for you! I present to you now the Copyright and Copyleft gloves. With their unique integrated design, the Copyright and Copyleft Gloves both enable you to quickly differentiate left from right and familiarize yourself with the ongoing intellectual property debate. Never be confused again!

Make your own today! This project is in the Public Domain.

(This idea courtesy of Dr. David H. Grosof - visionary, trivia master and all around mensch. One day he walked past me as I was aimlessly embroidering dozens of copyright symbols and asked "Copyright and copyleft gloves?" And at the moment it was decided, "Yes. Copyright and copyleft gloves.")

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

A Singer Futura embroidery machine
Heavy fabric
Winter gloves
A sewing need

Step 2: Prepare to Embroider

Cut the fabric to fit into the frame for the embroidery machine so that about an inch stick out on all sides. Make sure the embroidery surface is pulled taught and fasten it within the frame.

Step 3: Prepare Your Image

Download CopyrightText.fhe and open it in the Futura embroidery application.

It should be ready to send to the machine.

Step 4: Embroider

Make sure the machine is turned on, threaded and configured properly. Attach your tray to the machine, turn it on and then send your file from the computer.

Hit go and let the machine draw embroider a copyright symbol.

When you are done, on your computer file, drag and release the copyright image to the left such that it clears the first image. Save the file and then send it to the machine again. Hit start once more and embroider a second copyright symbol.

Step 5: Cut Out Your Patch

Carefully cut out both copyright symbols with a pair of scissors such that you leave a tiny yellow border.

Cut away the jump stitches left over from embroidering.

Step 6: Sew

Position the copyright symbol on your right glove such that it is positioned normally. On the left glove rotate the second copyright symbol 180 degrees. Congratulations! You have just made a copyleft symbol.

All you have left to do is to sew the badge onto the glove using a whipstitch. Start from the inside and sew towards the outside in such a way that you mimic the threaded border as you advance around the circumference of the patch.

When you have reached the end, tie it off on the inside of the glove.

Repeat on the second glove and then wear proudly.