Cord/Hose Hangers From Plant Hangers

Introduction: Cord/Hose Hangers From Plant Hangers

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It seems that my wife enjoys hanging plants. Every year there seems to be more..and our collection of used hanging pots grows. Some get reused for their original purpose. Some fall into my hands for experiments in upcycling, side-cycling, or at last resort, recycling.

Step 1: What's It Good For?

Looking at the two parts of the plant pot, I decided to play with the hook and hangers. The pot went back to the stack in the potting shed for my wife to reuse, or for me to retrieve if something else comes to mind. I started by braiding the plastic cord-thingies until i had it almost to the end. I noticed this particular kind had one straight arm and one hooked arm in the pot clips, lending themselves nicely into locking back onto the cord-thingies just below the larger hook at the top. Others have clips on both arms of the clips which I find harder to keep locked onto itself...oh, well...

Step 2: The Wrap-Up...

Since this forms a now-closed loop with a largish hook at the top, you can now use this to hang or wrap any number of things that like to run wild, if unsupervised, like extension cords, hoses, etc. Enjoy...

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    Nice life hack. I have a few of these that I am about to go make better use of. Thanks.