Introduction: Cordless Roller Blinds

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Cheap system for tensioned cordless roller blinds to use in skylight / slented roof light.

I made this from parts I had laying around (except for the fabric and the magnets).

Costs: 8 euro.

Building time: around half an hour.


  • Fabric
  • Tube (from a tinfoil roll)
  • Round wood with the same diameter
  • Thin wooden plank / slat (plinth)
  • Knob of handle of any kind
  • Magnet
  • Rubber from an inner tube
  • 4 screw eyes
  • (Duct-) tape
  • Glue


  • Saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut the Roller

Cut the tube in half, and measure the remaining gap for the round wood.

Keep in mind to keep the tubes at least 10 - 12 cm (4 - 5 inch) for the rubber to build up the tension.

Step 2: Screw Eyes

Drill some small holes before screwing the eyes to prevent the wood from splitting.

To determine where to put the eyes in the window, calculate the total upper thickness of the roll:

The tube rests on the eye, so:

Half an eye + thickness of the tube + thinkness of the fabric + some spare space.

Step 3: Cut the Rubber Strips

Cut small rubber strips to 2 times the length of the tubes, plus some extra.

Step 4: Tie the Ends Together

Pull the rubber through the eyes, through the tubes and tie them to the eyes on the wood.

If you manage to create the same tension, left and right, the blinds will stay in the middle while being used.

Cut off the excess rubber.

Tape the roller together using tape.

Step 5: Cut the Fabric

Cut the fabric to the correct width, but keep the length longer. (a few twists around the roller)

Cut the slat to the same width.

Wrap the fabric arount the slat, and glue fabric to fabric, not onto the wood!

Step 6: Apply the Fabric to the Roller

Tape the fabric onto the roller and make sure it hangs in a straigth line.

Make sure you have some small pieces of tape and the slat nearby, because you wil only have one hand left to use.

Roll it up by hand and secure it with the tape.

Let it roll back carefully and keep rolling it by hand untill you feel enough tension that will keep the blinds up.

Peel off the tape and insert the slat.

Step 7: Apply the Knob and Magnet

Finally, apply the knob and the magnet.

I had to place the metal magnet-catcher on a piece of wood or it would get in the way of my window fastener.

I used one magnet with a strength of 6kg which is plenty for my small blinds.

Of course you can use two magnets, or a hook to keep it secure.

Keep Rolling!

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