Introduction: 'Corn Flake' Potatoes

This easy recipe will surely be a hit at your table! This dish can be used as a side dish or even as an entrée. With this versatility, it is easy to make this dish to your taste. This instruction set will build the foundation that is needed for the simple dish, and give hints on how to make it more complex.

Time For Completion:

Prep Time: 10-15 minutes

Cook Time: 90 minutes

Cool Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 115 minutes

Skills Needed:

Only basic culinary skills are needed such as the knowledge of kitchen equipment, kitchen safety, and proper food handling. It is recommended that you should be at least 13 years old to make the dish, otherwise have direct adult supervision, as there is a burn potential when working with the oven.


Cleanliness: Before prepping any meal, hands should be washed with warm water and soap for at least two minutes. All utensils being used to create this meal should also be washed with warm water and soap and then dried with a dish towel. The work space should also be kept clean and sterile. This is to rid of any potential germs from contaminating the meal.

Oven: Ovens can be dangerous! There is potential for serious burn injuries when working with ovens. Make sure that when putting in or removing any object from an oven to use oven mitts or pot holders.

ALLERGY WARNING: Please check the following list for any items that could be a potential allergen:

Dairy- this recipe uses cheese, sour cream, and cream of chicken soup which all contain dairy.

Gluten- this recipe includes Cornflakes and cream of chicken soup which both contain gluten.

Step 1: Gathering the Utensils, Ingredients, and Supplies Needed


A 10 quart mixing bowl

A stirring spoon- either a large wooden spoon or a sturdy large serving spoon

9 x 13 Glass Pan

Measuring cups and spoons- at least a 1 cup measuring cup, a 1 Tablespoon measuring spoon, and a ½ cup measuring Cup.

Oven: Preheated to 350F


2 lbs frozen southern style hash browns (NOT SHREDED)

4 cups of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

16oz of full fat sour cream

2 cups of shredded medium cheddar cheese

10.5 oz of cream of chicken soup

½ a cube of butter (1/4 of a cup)

* Optional ingredients to be added to preference (not used in this recipe demonstration)

2 Tbsp chopped sweet onions

1 cup of shredded honey glazed ham

1 cup of shredded chicken

1 cup of shredded tofu

½ cup of fresh or frozen peas (must be thawed if frozen)

½ cup of diced green beans

Additional materials:

Oven mitts or pot holders

Pam’s nonstick cooking spray

Step 2: Preheat Oven

Preheat the oven to 350F following your ovens instruction manual.

Step 3: Add Hash Browns

Pour the 2lbs of hash browns into the mixing bowl.

Step 4: Add Sour Cream

Scoop the 16 oz of sour cream into the mixing bowl on top of the hash browns.

Step 5: Add Soup

Pour the 10.5oz of cream of chicken soup into the mixing bowl with the hash browns and sour cream.

Step 6: Mix Ingredients

Mix the ingredients in the bowl with a mixing spoon so the sour cream and cream of chicken soup coat the hash browns.

Note: The mixing may be difficult to do, make sure to have a strong spoon.

Step 7: Add Cheese

Add the 2 cups of shredded cheese spreading it across the top of the mixture (doing this will help when mixing).

Note: This is where you should add any extra ingredients into the mixture.

Step 8: Mix Ingredients

Mix the ingredients in the bowl with a mixing spoon, until the cheese coats all of the hash browns.

Step 9: Grease Pan

Grease the 9x13 pan with Pam nonstick spray, making sure to cover the entire bottom and sides of the pan.

Step 10: Pour Into Pan

Pour the mixed ingredients into the 9x13 greased pan.

Step 11: Spreading Mixture

a.) Spread the mixture throughout the pan with the mixing spoon.

b.) Pat down the mixture with the spoon so it is uniform and flat throughout the pan.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If it is not flat and uniform, the different sized areas will not cook the same.

Step 12: Add Corn Flakes

a.) Pour four cups of cornflakes on top of the mixture.

b.) Spread the cornflakes to make a thin layer that fully covers the top of the mixture.

Step 13: Add Butter

a.) Slice the cube of butter into 6 uniform slices.

b.) Put the slices of butter on top of the cornflakes, putting three evenly spaced toward the far side of the pan and three evenly spaced toward the closer part of the pan if you are looking at it long ways.

Step 14: Put in Oven & Start Timer

a.) Put the 9x13 pan into the oven on a middle rack.

b.) Set and start a timer for 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes).

Note: Make sure to use your oven mitts!

Step 15: Cooling

a.) Take the dish out of the oven when the timer ends.

b.) Allow to cool for 10 minutes before serving.

Note: Make sure to use the oven mitts! If not allowed to cool, contents could burn mouth.

Troubleshooting Tips for Cooking:

If your dish is not fully cooked, leave the dish in the oven for an additional five minutes. Continue to bake at five minute intervals until the dish is fully cooked. If it is burnt, next time you make this recipe try cooking for 75 minutes checking every 5 minutes thereafter to find if it is done.

Step 16: Serve and Enjoy!

After cooling, the cornflakes should be golden brown and the only lumps in the mixture should be the hash browns. You should not see pieces of cheese. Serve and enjoy your meal!