Introduction: Corn on the Cob

These instructions are how to grill corn on BBQ. Leave corn in husks and do not pre soak.

Required materials:
Charcoal briquettes
Lighter fluid
Cooking utensils
Corn on Cobb still in husk

Step 1: Stack Briquettes

Stack briquettes in neat pile in center of bbq. Light according to instructions found on charcoal packaging.

Step 2: Briquettes Ash Over

Allow briquettes to become covered in ash, times may vary depending on brand.

Step 3: Place Corn on Grill

Place corn on grill. Leave corn in husks, this will help to trap moisture, moisture steams the corn.

Step 4: Turn Often

Turn corn frequently. If husk burns slightly that's ok. Just don't allow the corn to sit to long on one side or it will burn through the husk.

Step 5: Finish 10-15 Minutes

When corn starts to hiss and whistle it's done. Approximately 10-15 minutes. Pull back husk and leave it attached it can be used as handle. Season to taste.