Introduction: Corn Tortillas Layered Pizza

Making a pizza involve making the dough, that usually involve a lot of time, ingredients and patience. Maybe you do not feel like making the dough, maybe you do not have enough time or ingredients, or maybe you just want to cook something different.

Well with this revolutionary way of making pizza, not making the dough is not an excuse anymore to not make a pizza.

This recipe is simple, cheap and it only takes 10 minutes to cook (it took me only 7 mins).

The final result surprises a lot, at least it did to me. It tastes like pizza, but is crunchy at the border and soft in the middle.

I am also leaving a video showing how do I did it.


  • Corn Tortillas (I used 4, but it depend on how many layers you want to put)
  • Pepperoni
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Cheese

Step 1: Layers

Put a corn tortilla in a tray, spread some tomato sauce (to your liking) and cheese ( it really don't matter what cheese you use) and repeat the times you want to (I repeated 4 times because I just wanted 4 layers).

Step 2: It Is Time for the PEPPERONI

Add the pepperoni you want in the last layer, do not stack the pepperoni because it won't be crunchy.

Step 3: To the Oven.

It is important you had preheated the oven at 180º/356ºF 15 minutes before baking the pizza.

Bake the pizza 15 minutes at 180º/356ºF.

You can actually eat the pizza without baking it, it won't kill or make you get a stomach ache, but it is not the same. It is much much better baked.


I know I had already said it before, but it is really surprising the taste and texture.

Imagine the face of Anton Ego (in Ratatouille) when he tried the Ratatouille, that was actually my face when I tried the Corn Tortilla layered Pizza.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the same that I did, cooking this recipe.

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