Introduction: Cornbread in Under 5 Minutes!

I love cornbread, and I love food that is quick to prepare.

This instructable will focus on cornbread that takes less than 5 minutes to create, including the preparation and cleanup!

 I will focus on using a premade mix, but this can be modified to use other brands or homemade ingredients.  I opted to use Marie Calender's Cornbread mixins here because I rarely have eggs available, it's very quick to use, and tastes good.

You should feel free to modifiy and alter these instructions to your hearts content, however, be the warned that if you stray too far from these instructions, be prepared for pan overflow and other potentially undesirable outcomes.  Use a plate underneath in the microwave when it doubt. 

Step 1: Assemble Ingredients and Utensils

Assemble all the items you will need:
1) a mixing bowl
2) a wisk or equivalent
3) cornbread mix and ingredients -- about  1 cup here with 1/2 cup of water
4) a microwave safe cooking container (about 6x5x2)
5) various taste enhancements of your choice: chocolate drink mix, blueberries, raisins, M&Ms, etc.
6) a measuring cup--here a 1/2 cup measure
7) PAM, or in this case, Grill Non-stick Spray.  Oil, cooking or olive, etc., works, but not as well.
8) your clean finger or one of those rubber bowl wiper thinguses.

I am using Marie Calender's Low Fat Cornbread mix here.  All you need to do is add water.
If you are lucky, you can get  a 5 pound bag for about $5 at Costco or Sam's, etc.
Eggs, milk, etc. are already included. 
You can use Jiffy Cornbread if you like, but you will need an egg and maybe milk.   
The cooking container here is the one that Marie's Lasagne dinner comes in, so it's microwave safe.  It's also cool to reuse them for cooking and arts and crafts. 
You can use glass or another microwave safe container, but it should be a couple inches deep and about 6"x4".

Step 2: Combine Ingredients

This is where it all gets mixed together.
It is your opportunity to get creative!
Try cocoa mix, raisins, dry or fresh blueberries, dried cherries, M&Ms;  whatever you think will work!

Here I am using 1.5 tablespoons of coco drink mix, and a handful of raisins.

My friend Nancy highly recommends White Shoepeg Kernel Corn for a traditional cornbread taste.   I added a bit of spicy pepper when I tried that version.  Very good!

Step 3: Pour Into "greased" Container and "bake"

Prepare the container.
You could use butter, olive oil, canola oil, but I have found that products like PAM and in this case, Grill Non-stick Spray, work far better.  I have deliberately not read the ingredients, but it works far better than oil.

Move mix to cooking container.

Set microwave for 2:30 on high.  You may need to adjust this time depending on your mixture, altitude, and quantity.  Make small adjustments to avoid a nasty cleanup episode!

(Be warned when trying other types of mixes that it is often frugal not to use full power--at least until you get it dialed in.  Again, use a "safety" plate underneath if in doubt.)

Step 4: Ready to Eat

Almost ready to eat.
Have a plate ready for transfer.
If you "greased" as I suggested, it should flip right out and onto the plate in one hunk.
It's still pretty soft and prone to breaking until it cools and sits for awhile.  And it's very hot, so be careful!
I flipped it out onto the plate and added some dried cherries on top. 

Get the coffee or tea going.

Taste test it, feed the rest to the kids and dogs,  and get started on your next masterpiece! 

How about some pumpkin filing next time?
Strawberries and whipped cream?
Ice cream?
Go nuts!