Introduction: Corona_pandemic_survival_vehicle

I've created a showroom of "SURVIVAL VEHICLES" to defend the corona pandemic. It has minute details such as masks worn by the dummies,social distancing etc . it also has electronic devices such as ac on the left wall and a fan on the ceiling. I created the dummies myself by taking 2 square blocks and turning their radius to 1 .

Step 1:

this was the 1st model i created using regular blocks only.

Step 2:

this is the final model i have made with simple block and with home decors.I first reated both the models of trucks and then the showroom and then I've combined into one single piece.

Step 3:

This is the final product of the showroom.

Step 4:

It also has computer system at the back and storage unit also.

Step 5:

it is multi storey building with ground floor as office and 1st floor as storage room .