Introduction: Coronavirus Detector Based on Infrared Temperature Sensor

A coronavirus detector based on Seeed Studio Grove - MLX90615 Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor. Hope this guide will help you to find a way to protect yourself during coronavirus.

There are two detectors on the mask. Each dectector is made by the same infrared temperature sensor. And I choose to use Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V2 to display the temperature data on the mask.
This mask has the following functions: Digital infrared temperature sensor above the mask can detect the self-body temperature in real time and show up the temperature on OLED display that is attached on the mask. The detector on the other side can detect the temperature of the person I have contacted. If the other person's temperature is normal, the RGB LED ring in the left eye part is green. If the other person ’s temperature exceeds 38℃, the RGB LED ring will turn to red color and be accompanied by an alert, indicating that he/she is a potential risk with coronavirus , then I will advise him to go to the hospital for test and treatment.

Step 1: What We Need



1 x Arduino Uno

1 x Grove Base Shield V2.0

2 x Grove - Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor

1 x Grove - MP3 v2.0

1 x Battery

1 x Grove - Button

1 x Mono Enclosed Speaker - 2W 6 Ohm Mono Enclosed Speaker - 2W 6 Ohm

1 x Grove - OLED Display 1.12'' V2

1 x Grove - RGB LED Ring (20 - WS2813 Mini)

Many grove cables


3mm thick acrylic board

some Glue


Hot melt glue gun.

electric soldering iron

laser cutter 3D Printer machine

Step 2: Draw and Design CAD

Here is the CAD drawing I have built


Step 3: Laser Cutting

If you have manufacturer space near you, you can easily find a laser cutter. I can say that every manufacturer space has a laser cutter. If you can't find the board of the laser cutter, you can try the laser cutting service provided by Seeed

Step 4: Transfrom the Battery

Since our battery is two ports, in order to link to seeedunio easier, we need to make a small modification to transfrom the battery to Grove interface.

Firstly, we should cut the port of battery and the port of Grove line
Secondly, we use red wire to red wire and black wire to black wire to solder them

Step 5: Software Work

Step 6: Hardware Connecting

Connect the hardware as shown below:

Step 7: Build Up

Note :Because the detection distance of the Digital Infrared Temperature Sensor will lead to different results. I used a distance of about 6mm for detection, so you need to adjust the body temperature formula according to the actual situation of your detection.

This work is actually being modified while trying many different solutions. Now this version is also a bit rough, and a more refined version will be produced in the future. I hope everyone will like it.