Introduction: Coronavirus - Face Mask and Sanitiser Ideas

As you'll know there's a strain of influenza spreading globally which nobody wants.

In the UK shelves are emptying of hand sanitiser. The main ingredient for this is alcohol and I've read that 60% is effective to control viruses. It used to be easy to pick up surgical spirit at the chemist. But there's sources online. I've ordered isopropyl alcohol at 99% which I'll water down and keep handy. Sometimes it's sold as rubbing alcohol.

The other item that might come in handy is a mask. If these become hard to find it might be worth making a few.


disposable cloth (easy to breath through but not HEPA quality, hepa vacuum cleaner bag would be better)




emptied can of beer

rubber bands or elastic (thin and stretchy is best)

Step 1: Nose Plate

Cut your can to size.

Mine was 60mm x 60mm.

Fold in half, open up fold outside edges to centre and fold in half again.

Sorry for the poor photos.

Step 2: Insert Nose Plate and Folds

The first one of these, I opened up a cloth and cut it in half which was too big.

This one is 160mm x 200mm which worked well if a bit snug.

I put the nose plate halfway along the long edge with enough to fold over and cover half then fold again.

In the second photo, I've stapled either side, I ended up putting a staple through the metal to hold it.

The folds were done by eye. I didn't measure them but you can get the gist in the third photo.

Step 3: Oops..

Added this step by mistake.

Not sure how to delete it.

Step 4: Lug Loops

I folded in and stapled at each side which holds the pleats in place.

The rubber bands were then stapled top and bottom.

The mask itself was a good fit but the lug loops were too short and one of them snapped.

If they were thinner I think they would have stretched. The staples held fine though.

If you work in an office/call centre as a cleaner you could chat up staff for rubber bands/shot on a stapler.

Vice versa, if your office staff, it pays to keep in with the cleaners who have the best gossip/hoover bags.

They say that when washing your hands you should do it for 20 seconds. Try a verse of 'Happy Birthday' and a couple of hip, hip, hoorays.

Step 5: Other Mask Instructables

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